Thank you to all who have participated in Health Canada’s consultations on creating a Unique Device Identification system for medical devices.

The consultations have now closed but we encourage you to leave your details and contact information so we can keep you updated on progress made in building one global barcoding system for Canada’s healthcare system.

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See how other countries are benefiting from the global barcoding system

Did You Know

There’s no required barcoding system for Canadian healthcare? Fortunately, Health Canada is now considering the implementation of a national, integrated barcode system, starting with medical devices.

Implementing the GS1 system, which you know as the barcode, would provide greater safety, transparency, efficiency and cost savings in our healthcare system. GS1 is a trusted, proven system that has been used in global retail for more than 50 years.

Whether it’s yourself, a family member or a loved one, we’re all patients in the Canadian healthcare system. And today, we have an opportunity to positively influence what that system looks like.

This proven, trusted system is an easy choice for Canada

The GS1 global barcoding system is used in over 150 countries in more than 25 sectors. Countries in the European Union, as well as the U.S. and the U.K., require this barcode system for their healthcare supply chains. In Canada, you hear the barcode’s “beep” at the grocery store check-out. Globally, this standard “beep” happens over 6 billion times a day!

One simple scan provides important information that can help keep Canadians safe and informed.

With GS1 being a trusted, proven system all over the world including by multiple sectors here in Canada who have already paved the way, it’s an easy choice for Canada.

Now, it’s time for Canada’s healthcare system to join.

One global barcoding system for healthcare could...

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Trace healthcare products, like a hip implant or vaccine, directly back to you, the patient in the event of a recall.

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Reduce medical errors, said to be the third leading cause of death in North America1, by up to 40%2 thereby improving patient safety.

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Increase the efficiency of healthcare professionals by 25%3.

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Save the healthcare system millions of dollars and countless hours spent on relabelling products with proprietary barcoding systems.

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Strengthen our healthcare system’s ability to negate fraud with the ability to quickly confirm product and manufacturer authenticity.

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Provide healthcare professionals visibility to health care products and supply at all times.

A better system exists, and your voice can help get us there.

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1Lynn Desjardins, Thousands die from medical errors yearly, notes advocacy group, Radio Canada International, Oct 28, 2019

2Anne Snowdon, Visibility: The New Value Proposition for Health Systems, 2016

3McKinsey Report, Strength in Unity, 2012